Friday, March 12, 2010

My throat, feet, legs, head, brain hurts

It's time for a whinge. A big fat juicy whinge. Thank you blog.

Apparently I forgot how fucking tiring full time retail is. On my feet for 10 hours a day (8am-6pm) in overly flat shoes means my feet are on fire by about 11am. Then at 12ish I have an hour break and nothing to do except buy a tiny dry wrap from Muffin Break and a coffee which somehow costs me $12.50 even with a centre discount. Shopping Centre food courts must be run by the Mafia. North Lakes is obviously considered a low priority (understandably) for chain stores meaning their stock is boring and shit and I go in to Myer/Witchery/Cotton On every day and there hasn't been any new stock all week.

I haven't blinked the whole time I've been writing this, nor have I read anything back I've written. I drove home like this, more zombie/machine than human. Safety first.

It's not even that bad usually but today I finally started to develop the sore throat/blocked sinus combo that has been visting my boyfriend and several of my close friends. It sucks and I now feel bad for having inwardly rolled my eyes at their pain.

But I am so glad to have nights back and I like feeling like a real member of the working society. Plus nights free means I can have random funtimes like last night. It started with Vietnamese food, by passed hilariously bad student theatre, took a brief respite at a bar for some light karaoke before settling at the Pankcake Manor for some late night treats.


This weekend looks like shopping, an Alice in Wonderland Party at West End, Jonathon Boulet and mucking around with the sampler. And maybe, just maybe getting my feet back into some kind of suitable working order.


  1. :O
    lol, that does suck..
    how did you find alice in wonderland?
    we went to southbank in anticipation only to have all sessions to be sold out.
    so devo.

  2. 一沙一世界,一花一天堂,掌中握無限,剎那即永恆........................................