Thursday, February 25, 2010

My everything is different now hurts

It feels like all I've done since my last blog is shop. And in some ways this is true. My closet is certainly full of more trashy items of clothing that will probably be out of fashion before Autumn roles around than usual. I am at Chermside so much I'm fairly sure the Bubble Tea lady thinks I still work there.

Actually though lots has changed since my last post. I can't remember if I mentioned it, but a few weeks ago I went for a job interview for a Trainee Buyer position at a big chain of Surf/Street stores. After not hearing from them for a week and a bit I gave up all hope and was considering drunk dialing their Head Office in an alcohol-induced rage to let them no exactly what they were missing out on. Thankfully before this plan came to fruition, I got a call from them. A second interview. Hurrah. It went really well and by that afternoon I was officially offered the job.

I know this is blog is supposed to be whingey and pessimistic, I know that's where it's charm (if it has any) lies. But allow me this one time to say - I AM REALLY REALLY EXCITED! Fashion is such a tough industry to get into and this is a perfect opportunity - big company, lots of room to grom, decent pay. I'm so freakin fortunate...must not stuff up.

The bad side is I have to spend a whole month in stores to learn the product and the customer. I understand why they are doing this, it makes a whole lot of sense...but a month of retail in a shopping centre an age away from my home is causing me a bit of dread.

But still...y.a.y.

In other news, I have somehow turned a function of my watch on that makes it beep every hour. This is beyond irritating and I have no clue how to turn it off.

In other other news, I bought a wooden deer head to hang on my wall!!! It is currently sitting on my bed in pieces, but I will post a photo as soon as it comes to life. watch just beeped. Kill me.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My work no more Hurts

So this week is my last week producing the Evening program at work. Already I've had calls from my regulars saying how much they'll miss me. Bless. I've also had calls from people telling me that I'm bossy and horrible and they hate me, so it all comes out in the wash I guess. Boy I'll tell you what though, I cannot wait to get nights back. I am such a night person, so much more friendly and sociable during the night. Days are for working. Nights are for not working. During the day I am a cranky bitch.

On a completely different note, I have painted my finger nails bright yellow and it's quite mesmorising watching me type right now. I keep getting distracted by their yellow-ness.

Back on topic - I am going from working nights to working weekends, which I'm not exactly looking forward to, but it's good money and it's only for 3 weeks so I can man up and deal.

Speaking of manning up, I am about to go for a waxing appointment *shudder* wish me luck.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My fashion hurts

So as you may or may not know I love fashion. I especially love street fashion. Which means I also love which is a site where beautiful people (you have to submit a photo and be chosen by creators in order to get a profile) post pictures of themselves looking beautiful.

Now I really do love this site, even if most of the photos are of aspiring models lounging around their bedrooms in underwear and an oversized shirt. There are a lot of cool people on it, some real style.

And then there is this and you realise that people are idiots



That's why he looks so sulky, because he realises he spent the last 3 hours gluing newspaper to his wall and himself and now he's going to have to pull it off and he will have newspaper ink everywhere. Insanity

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Friday Five Hurts

Working in radio has born in me a need to segment things. And alliterate alliterate a word?

So here is the (Friday) Five things that made Maddy Sad this no particular order

1. My on-going battle with the web guy at work who refuses to respond to my emails or acknowledge the fact I work in the same place as him and that he has a fucking job to do that he is NOT DOING.
2. A really painful pimple on my chin. So much pressure. So ouchie. So gross. Be gone skin volcano.
3. The Road. Great movie - will never see it again in my life. Don't like having to come to terms with my own mortality.
4. Sitting in the city for 1.5 hours by myself waiting for fashionable people to walk past so I can photo them but no luck. Not one interesting person!
5. The fact that Matt started a day job which, coupled with me working nights, means our contact time has significantly decreased.

But look it's not all bad.

Here are Five things that made Maddy Glad this week

1. The electro tunings of Seekae and Norsaj Thing
2. Going to Movie World with Matt and Rachel mid-week. Running to the Scooby Coaster after the (lame as shit) stunt show so we didn't have to wait in line for our second ride. The backwards bit in the Scooby Coaster. Raddness.
3. My female housemate Sam having to explain to Centrelink that her and I are not lesbian life partners thanks to the new laws requiring same sex couples to report if they're living together
4. Gatsby's lovely blog whoring of this here space
5. Purple Vitamin Water

Have a good weekend mmk

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My doppelganger hurt

How fun is doppelganger week on facebook? Yes it's kind of silly, but boy has it provided me with minutes of enjoyment. It's so interesting to see who people think they look like. Apparently lots of people think they look like Drew Barrymore. It's like all my facebook friends got really good looking this week. My news feed is full of glamour shots and Hollywood posing. And let's not lie, it's so fun to see those people put Natalie Portman/Scarlette Johanssen/Delta Goodrem as their doppelganger. DREAM BIG GUYS

I have been participating big time, even going so far as to post on people's walls suggested doppelgangers (Harry Connick Jnr for an ex-boyfriend, Taylor Swift for Clare). I've noticed some people have even changed their doppelganger's midweek, which is an extra layer of fun. Looking like more than one famous person, they should be so lucky! Bonus points for people who have a member of the opposite sex (who actually looks like them) as their doppelganger. It shows they've looked at bone structure rather than this-person-has-brown-hair-and-big-boobs-and-so-do-I-therefore-she-looks-like-me.

I strongly believe however that this fad would not have been such a success had the word doppelganger not been so fun to say/type. Great word. Great week. Go Facebook.