Friday, April 9, 2010

My blog related guilt hurts

I have blog guilt. It might be like Catholic guilt but I can't be sure as I'm not Catholic.

It came about because I have two blogs that I love very much and I have neglected terribly because I have been doing other things like starting a new job and frolicking around Byran Bay in the Easter break.

I have not really thought about decent things to post on these blogs, nor committed much time to their general upkeep. In fact it is purely guilt that prompted me to post right now, as I am quite tipsy from too much wine at dinner, and ever so ready to fall asleep.

And the thing about guilt is that it breeds resentment, and I don't want to not love my blogs. But on the other hand if I don't post anything then they will cease to exist. What to do?

Also why do random Asian porn sites spam my blog? Where did they find me? I'm usually into Eastern European porn.

On a completely different note, I found out today that my work has something called the beer bell. When the boss decides to ring the beer bell everyone has to stop working for the day and retire to the pub for free drinks. Boo yeah. Hello 4pm finish on a Friday.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My I told you so Hurts

Remember a couple of months ago I said that the pineapple would be this season's owl?

Well look what I found when perusing Top Shop's website.



My ridiculousness hurts

Is this not the best/worst thing you've ever seen? You can see his thought process....'quick my outfit isn't indie enough...SOMEBODY GET ME A DEER HEAD'

Friday, March 12, 2010

My throat, feet, legs, head, brain hurts

It's time for a whinge. A big fat juicy whinge. Thank you blog.

Apparently I forgot how fucking tiring full time retail is. On my feet for 10 hours a day (8am-6pm) in overly flat shoes means my feet are on fire by about 11am. Then at 12ish I have an hour break and nothing to do except buy a tiny dry wrap from Muffin Break and a coffee which somehow costs me $12.50 even with a centre discount. Shopping Centre food courts must be run by the Mafia. North Lakes is obviously considered a low priority (understandably) for chain stores meaning their stock is boring and shit and I go in to Myer/Witchery/Cotton On every day and there hasn't been any new stock all week.

I haven't blinked the whole time I've been writing this, nor have I read anything back I've written. I drove home like this, more zombie/machine than human. Safety first.

It's not even that bad usually but today I finally started to develop the sore throat/blocked sinus combo that has been visting my boyfriend and several of my close friends. It sucks and I now feel bad for having inwardly rolled my eyes at their pain.

But I am so glad to have nights back and I like feeling like a real member of the working society. Plus nights free means I can have random funtimes like last night. It started with Vietnamese food, by passed hilariously bad student theatre, took a brief respite at a bar for some light karaoke before settling at the Pankcake Manor for some late night treats.


This weekend looks like shopping, an Alice in Wonderland Party at West End, Jonathon Boulet and mucking around with the sampler. And maybe, just maybe getting my feet back into some kind of suitable working order.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My everything is different now hurts

It feels like all I've done since my last blog is shop. And in some ways this is true. My closet is certainly full of more trashy items of clothing that will probably be out of fashion before Autumn roles around than usual. I am at Chermside so much I'm fairly sure the Bubble Tea lady thinks I still work there.

Actually though lots has changed since my last post. I can't remember if I mentioned it, but a few weeks ago I went for a job interview for a Trainee Buyer position at a big chain of Surf/Street stores. After not hearing from them for a week and a bit I gave up all hope and was considering drunk dialing their Head Office in an alcohol-induced rage to let them no exactly what they were missing out on. Thankfully before this plan came to fruition, I got a call from them. A second interview. Hurrah. It went really well and by that afternoon I was officially offered the job.

I know this is blog is supposed to be whingey and pessimistic, I know that's where it's charm (if it has any) lies. But allow me this one time to say - I AM REALLY REALLY EXCITED! Fashion is such a tough industry to get into and this is a perfect opportunity - big company, lots of room to grom, decent pay. I'm so freakin fortunate...must not stuff up.

The bad side is I have to spend a whole month in stores to learn the product and the customer. I understand why they are doing this, it makes a whole lot of sense...but a month of retail in a shopping centre an age away from my home is causing me a bit of dread.

But still...y.a.y.

In other news, I have somehow turned a function of my watch on that makes it beep every hour. This is beyond irritating and I have no clue how to turn it off.

In other other news, I bought a wooden deer head to hang on my wall!!! It is currently sitting on my bed in pieces, but I will post a photo as soon as it comes to life. watch just beeped. Kill me.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My work no more Hurts

So this week is my last week producing the Evening program at work. Already I've had calls from my regulars saying how much they'll miss me. Bless. I've also had calls from people telling me that I'm bossy and horrible and they hate me, so it all comes out in the wash I guess. Boy I'll tell you what though, I cannot wait to get nights back. I am such a night person, so much more friendly and sociable during the night. Days are for working. Nights are for not working. During the day I am a cranky bitch.

On a completely different note, I have painted my finger nails bright yellow and it's quite mesmorising watching me type right now. I keep getting distracted by their yellow-ness.

Back on topic - I am going from working nights to working weekends, which I'm not exactly looking forward to, but it's good money and it's only for 3 weeks so I can man up and deal.

Speaking of manning up, I am about to go for a waxing appointment *shudder* wish me luck.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My fashion hurts

So as you may or may not know I love fashion. I especially love street fashion. Which means I also love which is a site where beautiful people (you have to submit a photo and be chosen by creators in order to get a profile) post pictures of themselves looking beautiful.

Now I really do love this site, even if most of the photos are of aspiring models lounging around their bedrooms in underwear and an oversized shirt. There are a lot of cool people on it, some real style.

And then there is this and you realise that people are idiots



That's why he looks so sulky, because he realises he spent the last 3 hours gluing newspaper to his wall and himself and now he's going to have to pull it off and he will have newspaper ink everywhere. Insanity