Thursday, February 25, 2010

My everything is different now hurts

It feels like all I've done since my last blog is shop. And in some ways this is true. My closet is certainly full of more trashy items of clothing that will probably be out of fashion before Autumn roles around than usual. I am at Chermside so much I'm fairly sure the Bubble Tea lady thinks I still work there.

Actually though lots has changed since my last post. I can't remember if I mentioned it, but a few weeks ago I went for a job interview for a Trainee Buyer position at a big chain of Surf/Street stores. After not hearing from them for a week and a bit I gave up all hope and was considering drunk dialing their Head Office in an alcohol-induced rage to let them no exactly what they were missing out on. Thankfully before this plan came to fruition, I got a call from them. A second interview. Hurrah. It went really well and by that afternoon I was officially offered the job.

I know this is blog is supposed to be whingey and pessimistic, I know that's where it's charm (if it has any) lies. But allow me this one time to say - I AM REALLY REALLY EXCITED! Fashion is such a tough industry to get into and this is a perfect opportunity - big company, lots of room to grom, decent pay. I'm so freakin fortunate...must not stuff up.

The bad side is I have to spend a whole month in stores to learn the product and the customer. I understand why they are doing this, it makes a whole lot of sense...but a month of retail in a shopping centre an age away from my home is causing me a bit of dread.

But still...y.a.y.

In other news, I have somehow turned a function of my watch on that makes it beep every hour. This is beyond irritating and I have no clue how to turn it off.

In other other news, I bought a wooden deer head to hang on my wall!!! It is currently sitting on my bed in pieces, but I will post a photo as soon as it comes to life. watch just beeped. Kill me.


  1. hahah YAY indeed.
    is it city beach? slash surf dive and ski?
    and ohmagosh.. i havent had a watch that beeps in soooo long.
    but sorry, i have no idea on how to turn it off! unless you just keep pressing random buttons till it stops? hahah..
    ex oh.

  2. I agree with what 寶貝別哭 said.

    It will be interesting to see whether your new clientele (13-year-old bogans mentally incapable of dressing themselves who you never have to hear from but must see constantly) frustrate you more than your old clientele (73-year-old bogans physically incapable of dressing themselves who you never have to see but must hear from constantly).

  3. Did you know every one of the full stops in 寶貝別哭 post is a link to a different porn site? That is high work load spamming. Actually, I just rolled my mouse over them again and they appear to be about 7 sites that are mixed up within the full stops.
    I wish they would leave my blog alone.