Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My work no more Hurts

So this week is my last week producing the Evening program at work. Already I've had calls from my regulars saying how much they'll miss me. Bless. I've also had calls from people telling me that I'm bossy and horrible and they hate me, so it all comes out in the wash I guess. Boy I'll tell you what though, I cannot wait to get nights back. I am such a night person, so much more friendly and sociable during the night. Days are for working. Nights are for not working. During the day I am a cranky bitch.

On a completely different note, I have painted my finger nails bright yellow and it's quite mesmorising watching me type right now. I keep getting distracted by their yellow-ness.

Back on topic - I am going from working nights to working weekends, which I'm not exactly looking forward to, but it's good money and it's only for 3 weeks so I can man up and deal.

Speaking of manning up, I am about to go for a waxing appointment *shudder* wish me luck.

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